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Run 4 The Hills John E's On Da pIlls !!!


John E Has Done an entrance Theme for an R.P.W wrestler that is played at all the shows around newfoundland. Shoutout to him Hip Hop Dylan Davis. John E Has Been Played on C.H.M.R Numerous times thanks to his favorite Dj Mark Fanboy Jarbroni. He Does not do shows but has been asked to numerous times ,his music has been played D.t a nice few times too. Cd's Have been handed out all over town, and his youtube views add up to 66,000 before most we're removed.He Was also Asked to do a song for G.s.t.v before it was shut down. Here is the youtube site ( ) And really Thats all there is to say, just "havin a time" is all, "Chop em up Byez"

Born in Mount Pearl, Raised In Paradise, Then moved to St. John's For High School. So if you catchin Him Reppin more than one city thats why. John E Is 28 Yrs Old and has been Rapping Since 2007 . There is no interest in being a professional rapper, he just wants one song that all da newfies can slam one back too, then he's done. He is goin to Marine institue soon to focus on more important things (R.O.V)

Here are a few of the artists John E Has collabed with
2Tyme,Gimpy,Scrimage,Skript ,Wrightone,
G Dub Le,Your Highness, KidSkitzo,Street,
Xhale,Haul,YOung Blood,The Rapper,
Capitole-D,Pully,Mahoney,Grubby,  CStakks                                                   


John E Enjoys Cold steel, Lucky Charms, Courpses rainbows, Teddy bears, Blood N Guts n porn, Brains, Razor sharp shit and Happy People like Ron Mclean, Fruity Pebbles, Hamburgers with extra Cheese, Movies Like City of God Braveheart, Gladitor, Chopper, Turistas, Hostel, T.C.M, He also enjoys Ice Cold Blue Star Beer, Barbeques, Xbox 360 GTA, Driving Like a retard, Drugs, Kraft homemade pizza, Anyone named melissa hogan, people named ricky n dougie are cool too. 
Disses, Pickles, Onions, Anything Played On the radio , Robots, Animal Creulty, TV

I hope You enjoy The Music